So vacation is going very well. It’s not one of those stressful vacations where you constantly feel the need to run out and do stuff, you know. It’s nice just sitting around the pool, getting a tan (or a burn), going to a movie and getting something to eat. The flight out was pretty good, but long of course. I got a window seat for the first part which was awesome! The second time I had an isle seat.

So I was in the lavatory and I saw this clear sign that says, No Smokine In Lavatory....and about 15 inches below was a nice ashtray with a picture of a cigarette on it. Very ambiguous.

It’s been great seeing the family and grandparents again. My nephew Eric has gotten so big! It was great to finally meet Shawn too. He was shy at first but I can tell I’m already his favorite uncle!


BTW, In-N-Out Burger is not near as good as I remember. I thought that it was on the level of Five Guys. No way! It’s more on the level of Wendy’s with maybe a little extra quality. Sorry people. Head to the Fives Guys even if you’re in California.

We went and saw the movie Despicable Me. It was pretty funny but also cliché. We went and saw it with the kids and Eric loved it!

Anyway having a nice relaxing time down here. Joe and I are having a blast. Eric is amazingly’s so awesome to see how quick he learns things. He loves the iPad and is really good at playing things on it, even stuff as complex as X-Plane. Everything here has been a lot of fun so far. :)