Public Service Announcement

Hello and welcome to my new tech blog. I’d like to start out my blog with a public service announcement to anyone and everyone who uses a computer. Working in a computer service department has granted me the privilege of learning from other’s expensive mistakes with their computers and now I’m passing the knowledge on to you!

First of all, liquids and electronics don’t mix. I’m sure you all know that but in the casual, day to day operations of things, we get caught up in what we’re doing and too apathetic to be careful about our environment. This is really important though! Keep all open liquids a minimum of 12” away from your computer or any electronics. It only takes one careless bump or slip to completely destroy your computer, phone, or anything else. This can potentially cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix. I see it the result of people not following this advice every day. It’s so easy to do!

The second one is data backup. Think about all your data on your computer, iPod, or phone. Imagine it all being gone...your pictures, your music, your contacts, and maybe your schoolwork. Depending on what you keep on your computer, the importance and ability to replace it will very, but if nothing else it can take a lot of time to gather all the important stuff back. External hard drives are dirt cheap these days. You can get a sizable one for well under $100. Data recovery services start around $250 and go up from there. I’ve seen people pay as much as $9000 to get their data back. Just get an external and backup your computer. If you have an automated program that does it for you, it makes it that much easier. If you have to do it manually set and alarm to remind you. Alternately, there are backup services online that can backup your information online.

If this helps one person save their computer, it’s all worth it!